Interested in Volunteering at the Arcane Cafe?

We’re always looking for vibrant and fun-going staffers who wish to meet new friends, have fun with guests, and also build up their experience in the hospitality, entertainment, and food-service world!

If this sounds like you, please apply for a position! We get back to you super quick and there are plenty of perks!

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Host & Hostess

Arcane Cafe is seeking fun hosts and hostesses who love to entertain friends, family, and guests while serving them excellent desserts and drinks!nnnNo prior experience is necessary but applicants are expected to be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time...

Barista & Dessert Preparer

Arcane Cafe is seeking to find a fun and easy going food prep who understands the basics of food sanitation and serving best practices. Applicants will be expected to know and understand the concepts of cross contamination, safe food storage mythologies, and table-side service. Additional experience in the barista and coffee culture is highly welcomed.