Maid Cafe Pokemon Cosplay Contest

akihabara-expo-holiday-little-tokyo-release-1101Hello Cosplayer! Thank you for your interest in entering the cosplay contest. Please fill out the form below to be included in the Cosplay Contest held in our Maid Cafe. More information regarding the event can be found at our facebook page.

Prizes will be announced during the event, but is likely to be a Plushie, Giveaway, or other sponsored item.

Cosplay contest details:

  • Cosplay can be made or bought! It is a casual contest and just for fun!
  • The cosplay contest starts at 6:00 PM on August 13th! Come early to make sure you make it!
  • You MUST fill out a form to be entered into the contest.
Cosplay Contest
Fan pages include Facebook, Instagram, etc.