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Arcane Maid Cafe: More than just a maid cafe – a maid cafe experience!


See why Arcane Maid Cafe is considered a top maid cafe in the United States for several years running.


With full catering capabilities, PC gaming tournaments, event live-streaming, and customized specialties for your event; we can transform any space into your entertainment superhub!

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thematic adventures

From Cultural Fairs, Custom Brands, and Specialty Festivals; Arcane Maid Cafe transforms any space into a wonderous world of fantasy!


Unrivaled Technology

LAN tournaments, Bring your own PC festivals, Console Tournaments- Arcane has the internet backbone and computing systems to make it happen.


Full Catering Services

On-site full service preparation and table-side service is where Arcane Maid Cafe shines. With our NSF approved restaurant-grade kitchen equipment and Serv-safe certified kitchen staff, we can turn any space into a fully operational restaurant.


Trained kitchen staff can accomidate breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. In addition to food, our staff can create bubble tea and espresso based drinks up to 400 drinks per day.

Live Entertainment

From live music, live streaming, and everything in between, our performers are capable of almost every type of live performances.


LIVE DJ Services

Elevate your event’s atmosphere by having a live DJ performer! Our in-house music DJ’s can play nearly all genres, from Anisong, EDM, lo-fi, hip-hop, and more!

Master of Ceremonies

Arcane Maid Cafe’s very own idol group and perform a run-of-show specially tailored to your event! Cover songs, dances, and collaborations are all possible!

Song & Dance

Arcane Maid Cafe’s very own idol group and perform a run-of-show specially tailored to your event! Cover songs, dances, and collaborations are all possible!

Marketing Deliverables

Arcane Maid Cafe’s marketing reach exceeds 100,000 followers, cross-platform.


Guaranteed Deliverables

Arcane Maid Cafe markets to all audiences on behalf of your event!

  1. Social media posts on all platforms
  2. Promotional video
  3. Cross-post to our Facebook Groups
  4. Instagram story feeds
  5. Facebook promoted posts

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full production

Arcane Maid Cafe is the only maid cafe in the world with full in-house professional production equipment. Our maid cafe is complete with staging, sounds, DMX lights, truss supports, green rooms, and more!


Over 5 years of event production experience

Unbeatable Production Capabilities

Arcane Maid Cafe has accommodated spaces from 100 sqft up to 6,000 sqft. Our maid cafe can be a self-contained event space with no electrical, internet, lighting, water, or sewage connections. In fact, we have produced events in the high deserts of California with no interruption or loss of production quality!

Shown above is an example of a planned 6,000 square feet entertainment center for the Long Beach Convention Center Hall B. 

Professional Staff

Arcane Maid Cafe boasts the lowest staff-turnaround in the industry. Our staff are fully trained in cafe operations and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for patrons at any event!


Our Commitment


We thank you for taking the time in considering Arcane Maid Cafe at your next event!

Our organization is committed to providing our host event an unparalleled experience by delivering the best possible experience to guests.

By inviting Arcane Maid Cafe at your event, you can expect a partner who will support you throughout the production process!

Please e-mail me at nagi@arcanecafe.com for bookings and more information.


– Maid Nagi


Officer of Arcane Maid Cafe

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