What is the expected commitment level of a staffer at the maid cafe?

Staff commitment is an essential and vital component to the success of the maid cafe. Our maid cafe would not have been successful since 2016 if we did not have committed staff. Therefore we have reasonable expectations for commitment to our organization from our staff members. There are varying degrees of commitment that we expect from our members, and are subsequently ranked based on this.

RankTime CommitmentNotes
Initiate Maid2-4 Events / 2-12 Days / 12-24 Hours per yearResponsiveness required
Kouhai Maid2-4 Events / 2-12 Days / 12-24 Hours per yearMarketing support required
Senpai Maid2-4 Events / 2-12 Days / 12-24 Hours per yearCertifications required
Officer Maid4+ Events / 4-24 Days / 24-72 Hours per yearRecruitment & Contracts required
Head MaidConditionalConditional


Initiate Members

Initiate members are new members of the cafe who are expected to help the maid cafe by attending 2-4 events per year. Each event can span from 1 to 3 days and from 6 to 8 hours per day, ranging from a total of 12 hours up to 24 hours per year. Initiate members do not have any specific responsibilities and are not expected to provide any additional value beyond assisting in table-side service, janitorial duties, and other remedial tasks.

Bonus commitment we look for:

  • Assisting in social media marketing for our content and events

Kouhai Maids

Kouhai Maids are staffers who have been in the cafe for over a period of one year or more, and have shown their commitment in helping at events. They have shown some preparation commitment which involve assisting higher ranked maids in off-scheduled events. Kouhai Maids have also shown willingness to support the other maids in their marketing and promotional endeavors.

Senpai Maids

Senpai Maids are battle tested and proven staffers who have shown commitment inside and outside of the cafe, and have dedicated a significant portion of their free time in supporting the maid cafe. Senpai Maids are given regional or local table authority and have general cafe authorization for the front-of-house and back-of-house. Senpai maids are also expected to go through two or more certification courses, and actively recruit new members to the maid cafe.

Officer Maids

Officer Maids are staffers who have proven their reliability and commitment to the maid cafe and essentially work “part-time” to ensure it’s success. Officer positions are generally voted by members of the maid cafe, or are appointed to be in those positions. Officer maids are provided contract opportunities which allows them to operate as 1099-NEC contractors. In addition, all Officer maids have a minimum of two certification badges. Officer maids are also expected to actively recruit new members to the maid cafe throughout the year.

Head Maid

The head maid is a seasonal and voted position in the maid cafe. Similar to a store manger, the Head Maid has purchasing authority and staff management access, and is the public representative of the maid cafe.

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