1. Guests are only allowed to take photos at the designated photo areas. After one warning, they will be asked to leave if they repeat the offense.
  2. Items are refreshments cannot be modified or substituted.
  3. Items may contain peanut, milk, and gluten. We cannot offer foods that are peanut, milk, or gluten free.
  4. Our vegetarian options have milk and dairy products. We do not serve full-vegetarian meals.


  1. Always be courteous to the guests and staff. Pay attention, be polite, be professional, and have fun.
  2. Do not use your cell phone, mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer in the sight of the guests. You may use it during off-times and out of site.
  3. Do not give out any of your personal information (e.g. Full Name, Phone Number, Room Number, Car Description) to any of the guests during the event. Please share information only outside of the event during non-event hours.
  4. Please give all guests the benefit of the doubt and contact an immediate supervisor if they are dissatisfied with their food or service.
  5. Volunteers must know the basics of drawing caricatures of dogs, cats, mice, and other characters.


Sanitation & Safety

  1. Always keep your hands washed and cleaned.
  2. Never touch food or any surface that will come into contact with food.
  3. Follow all health code guidelines
  4. Never allow perishable foods to stay in the 41*-135* range.


  1. Ensure all staff and volunteers understand the rules & regulations.
  2. Ensure all hosts and hostesses know the products that are being sold and the differences between them.
  3. Understand the different beverage types and why they are different. e.g. Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, etc.

Equipment & Gear

  1. Always have your radio set to channel 1 for general contact, and channel 2-5 for specialized contacts.