Aug 29 2023

Cosplay Instagram Post

[gallery link='none'] I finally decided to give cosplay a try! What do you think about cosplaying? When I first started thinking about cosplaying a year ago, I thought...
Aug 09 2023

Little Recap of Rising Japan Music Fest 2023!

[gallery link='none'] Did you like our new matsuri maid outfit? 😁 Here is a little recap of our most recent event Rising Japan Music Fest! Our second year performing at...
Jun 30 2023

What do you like collecting? ✨🎁🌱

[gallery link='none'] I went to a cute cafe with Maid Ava and Maid Arana today! The cafe was selling trinkets as well! They had small colorful forever flower bouquets...
Jun 19 2023

Omg It’s Summer?

[gallery link='none'] Happy Mondayyyyyy~~~ お久しぶりぶり~ The weather's been gloomy since April and already it's mid-June. 🤔 あれれ? Is Summer coming? Is she here yet? LOL At...
May 22 2023

Maid Mariでーす!

[gallery link='none'] Hi hi! I'm Maid Mari AKA Maririn Sensei of Arcane Cafe! This is my official maid account and OMG first post! 🥰🥰🥰 How's your Monday going so...
May 16 2023

Summer is nearly here ☀️

What's your favorite thing to do during summer? I think mine is being able to eat ice cream comfortably again 🍦😁 along with other food and drinks like fruit tea haha....

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