We’re planning a grand event for Anime Impulse 2017 and have opened up maid cafe applications!

For the first time in a year, we are actively looking for more friends to join the Arcane Cafe team! We have many plans for 2017 and need the staff to do it!

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Thank you for your interest in the Arcane Cafe!


We are a travelling, event-based Akihabara-inspired Maid Cafe experience that organizes standalone events and co-operates with conventions!

What makes us stand differently from traditional maid cafes is that we have a deep relationship within the gaming and convention community. Our cafe has more guest-run performances, off-table entertainment such as gaming stations, and performances from our industry guests.

We are always looking for talented staff to join our guild, and hope to see your application soon!



✓ What we’re looking for…

  • Enthusiastic, fun-going individuals
  • Excited to meet like-minded staffers
  • Have appreciation of Japanese culture
  • Regularly attend conventions and events
  • Who like to have fun and enjoy the company of guests
  • Bonus: Willingness to market on Social media

Please note! This is an un-paid volunteer position only! (unless specified)

✖ What we’re not looking for…

  • ✖ Individuals who want a free pass to events
  • ✖ Who prioritize self-promotion
  • ✖ Who prioritize only meeting new people
  • ✖ Who do not prioritize their duties to the organization
  • ✖ Who do not wish to share our events on a personal level
  • ✖ Who are not regularly involved in the culture

Arcane Cafe Perks…

  • Meeting professionals in the convention industry
  • Complementary passes to events we’re a part of
  • Complementary passes for friends to certain events
  • Social media exposure with professional photos & videos
  • Complementary meals at events
  • Managers only: Compensated wages for exceptional service

🔒 Arcane Secured Application Form

We typically respond within a few days. If you do not receive a response within week, please contact us through our contact form.

Volunteer Application
You can also add a link to a photo to show us. Having a Maid Cafe outfit is a pre-requisite to Arcane Maid Cafe and is an important part of determining the application outcome.
Instagram, Youtube, Twitter are all acceptable forms of websites.
We look for applicants who are active in the convention, cosplay, and event gathering community in California.
Please note that we will verify this field.
Our events are typically held in the Los Angeles Metro area.
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