Rules at the Cafe

Guest rules:

We want everyone to have fun! But please follow these rules so that we can all have a great time!

1. Please do not ask for any personal information from the staff.
2. Please do not take photos or videos of the stage, staffers, or equipment at the cafe. There are designated areas for photos. However, you may take photos of the delicious food and drinks we will be serving!
3. Do not enter the staff area, kitchen area, or the stage area.
4. Do not touch or grab any of the staff members, including their costumes or clothing.
5. Please do not ask or request any staff members to perform any demeaning tasks (at our discretion).
6. Always follow standard convention, state, and city laws and rules.
7. There are signs posted everywhere to inform you of what not to do. Please follow them accordingly.

Computer & Gaming Rules:

Our computers are monitored by CCTV cameras, remote viewers, and enterprise network scanners. Any unauthorized use of the computers will result in your removal at the cafe and the attention of local authorities.

1. Do not attach any hard drive devices such as a USB thumb-drive on the computers.
2. Do not damage any of the peripherals by being abusive.
3. Do not use the computers for anything else but gaming.
4. Do not modify any settings of the computers.
5. Do not turn off, restart, or otherwise change any power settings. Contact a staffer to do that for you.
6. Do not touch any of the cables, wires, or any devices attached on the back of the computers.
7. Do not play on any account that is not yours, unless it has been designated for you to be on.


What does a purchase get me?

Once you purchase a ticket, you are given an all inclusive experience and there is nothing else to purchase except for on the merchandise table. You can expect to have maid table-side service, a dessert/food item, a coffee/tea/drink item, live performance, access to the gaming computers, access to the arcade/console systems, and table-top games selections.

May I re-enter the cafe?

We allow for quick re-entries, but we cannot allow extended re-entries due to tables changeover and other guests that may be waiting.

What do I do if I prepaid online and I'm trying to enter the cafe?

If you purchased a ticket during our online pre-sale event, thank you! Just hang on to your confirmation, and when you get to the event you can show us the email with your order number along with a valid photo ID! Our computerized systems can look you up with the information that you entered during checkout.

Are there any perks to pre-purchasing an entry?

You will always be prioritized in the cafe and there may be a discount that will be applied if you pay for a pre-sale ticket.

Can I cancel my ticket?

Tickets are transferable, but we cannot refund any ticket because we prioritize all pre-sale orders.

Can I choose the staffer I wish to have at the table?

Unfortunately due to the nature of cafes, the staffer may be busy at the time and therefore we cannot guarantee or fulfill any staff preference requests.

Can I choose the table which I wish to be seated?

We may take preference requests for the table, but depending on how busy we are, we may ask for you to take a designated table.

How long can we stay as patrons at the cafe?

Generally speaking we allow our guests to stay approximately for an hour. Depending on how busy the cafe is, we may adjust that time in consideration for our guests.

What is Arcane Cafe?

Arcane Cafe is a gaming themed maid cafe that offers guests an entirely new experience, featuring PC gaming, arcades, and consoles, all in a café environment with maid and butler versions of beloved game characters! We incorporate gaming elements into our service, and welcome our Challengers (guests!) to come train with us and gain some levels (and maybe even some loot!) while meeting new friends and having a blast!

What is a ''maid cafe''?

Maid Cafes are a very popular version of cosplay restaurants typically found in Japan. The trend has grown in popularity and found it’s way overseas into conventions and events for Anime and Japanese culture. At a typical maid cafe, women dressed in maid uniforms will act as your waitress and entertainer. They will bring you cutely decorated food and drink, play card/board games with you at your table, and make sure that you feel at ease and have a great time! There are many variations of the maid cafe out there, and we at Arcane Cafe are inspired to bring you our very own unique take on the traditional Akiba-style maid cafe!

What do you do at your events?

The goal at our events is to make sure our guests have a great time! As a guest, you will get to meet one of our wonderful maids and enjoy their company while ordering a stat boosting dessert and choice of our specially crafted coffee or tea. There will be song and dance performances, fun trivia, or giveaways every hour of our event. You will get to train with our maids or butlers using tabletop games to enhance your stats and gain some XP. If you’re feeling up to the task, you can even challenge our maids or butlers to a 1v1 in the PC or arcade game of your choice to prove your worth. Earn our seal of approval and show that your training with us has been completed!

Where are you located?

We are located in the Los Angeles area and visit conventions and events all over South California!

When is your next event?

Please follow our website, Facebook, and Twitter to keep updated about our future events! We will always post our upcoming events on those pages as well as photos from our previous events in our gallery!If you would like to book Arcane Cafe for your next event, please contact us via e-mail at or through our online contact form found here.

Why “Arcane”?

The “Arcane” signifies our strong affinity for gaming, and much of our team’s gaming history lies in high fantasy games. Arcane magic has a lot of ties to many games and franchises that have all been a big part of our lives, from Arcane mages in World of Warcraft to Arcane Sanctuary of Diablo 2. We want to be able to deliver that kind of magically inspired impact to our patrons, and give them a mystical experience they won’t soon forget.


How can I help?

Great question!
1. You can like our Facebook page here and spread the word about Arcane!
2. You can consider staffing – we are always looking for vibrant and easy to work with individuals.
3. Wish to partner or sponsor us? Please inquire directly to our management by sending a message here.
4. At the cafe, try asking for a “boost”. You may receive something useful.