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Our Maid Cafe is a traveling maid cafe – we host pop-up cafes, food booths, and particpate at events. One day, we will host our very own permanent maid cafe!

Event Date

July 22, 2023 ~

July 23, 2023

Food Booth, Take out only

Rising Japan Music Fest 2023

400 East Shoreline Drive Long Beach California

We are excited to announce that we will be participating in the upcoming Rising Japan Music Fest, a music festival celebrating the diverse and dynamic music scene from...

Event Date

October 26, 2023 ~

October 29, 2023

Bistro with Casual service

OC Japan Fair 2023

88 Fair Drive Costa Mesa California

Grab your friends, and celebrate one of the largest Japanese cultural festivals in Southern California. Enjoy the experience of shopping, tasting, and learning about...

Enjoy Maid Café
Table Games
Stage Shows

Expect plenty of entertainment at our maid cafe! At selected events, we have a wide variety of games, stage games, and more. 

Table Games
Cheki Photo
Food Activities

Sing along with your friends, other café guests, and even our maid staff! Simply submit a karaoke request and you can have your song played!

Take a momento of your cafe visit by purchasing a Maid cafe Cheki Photo! Available at select events.

Have your favorite entree blessed by an Arcane Maid by having them bless and give you well wishes! Available at select events where we have full-service.

Maid Nagi

Head Maid

Archetype: Dandere

Zodiac: Scorpio

Irasshai~! Maid Nagi reporting in! I enjoy streaming, cosplaying, and . . .

Maid Mew Mew

Manager Maid

Archetype: Tsundere

Zodiac: Cancer

Hi I am Maid Mew Mew. I enjoy looking at cute things and playing . . .

Maid Ava

Manager Maid

Archetype: Tsundere

Zodiac: Scorpio

Hello, I am Maid Ava!

Maid Staff
Maid Café Service
Maid Café Interaction

Our Maid Cafe

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What we serve at our Maid Cafe

Real Espresso Coffee

From Espresso shots, lattes, iced coffees, and more, our maid café serves the finest Coffee with Kona beans from Hawaii!

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We’re looking for professional and passionate staff. If you’re interested in joining, consider applying!

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