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Magic Food Blessings

Our maids will cast a magic spell on the food you order to make them taste amazing.
Feel free to join in and cast the maid’s special spell together!
おいしくなぁれ、萌え萌えきゅん ♡

Arcane Maid Cafe
Pillow Tufted Gray Background for Maid Cafe
Arcane Maid Cafe

Menu Items with Drawing

This is one of the best things about maid cafés! Some items on our menu feature drawings by the maids. They will be more than happy to draw a custom drawing selected by you!

Pillow Tufted Gray Background for Maid Cafe

Akihabara Live Shows

When you order the Akihabara Maid Combo, the maid will begin a live performance on the stage in our café. Akihabara Live Shows are available on select days.

Let’s have a great time together during the live show!

Arcane Maid Cafe
Arcane Maid Cafe

A 2D Cafe and Maid Cafe Experience!

We are thrilled to announce the opening of Arcane Maid Café!
A permanent maid café in the United States. Our maid café is unique in that we do not require a reservation to visit. Our maid café is a casual café that is open to the public, excluding special event days. For a full maid café experience, we have reserved tables, and packages that can be purchased. Please let us know in advance so we can accommodate for your visit.

About Arcane Maid Cafe

Arcane Maid Cafe News


Happy 4th of July and Anime Expo Week!

We’ll be having extended hours for our beloved guests from July 4th to July 7th to accommodate for the travelers visiting Los Angeles! Maid [...]


ETTV America’s Emma and Cherie visit Arcane Maid Café

Come watch apprentice Maids Emma and Maid Cherie try out moe-moe culture at Arcane Maid Cafe this dramatic drama coverage! Maid Cafe culture has [...]

Arcane Maid Café Events

Arcane Maid Cafe Performance at AniFest 2025

Date & Time: April 19, 2025 12:00 pm

Location: 3330 Civic Center Dr, Torrance, CA 90503

Visit our: Promotional Booth & Stage Performance

We’re super excited to announce that Arcane Maid Cafe will be the first to be [...]

See Event Details

Arcane Maid Cafe at Senpai Squad Paradise 2024

Date & Time: July 6, 2024 8:00 pm

Location: 1050 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Visit our: Promotional Booth

Important Event Info: THIS IS AN 18+ EVENT The Belasco is a STANDING ROOM ONLY [...]

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Arcane Maid Café Menu

Our menu changes daily and items are subject to availability. Akihabara Combo is available only on the weekends or on special event days. High tea is served only from opening to 4 PM. Other restrictions apply.

Arcane Maid Cafe
Arcane Maid Cafe
Arcane Maid Cafe

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Maid Cafe Frequently Asked Questions

Maid cafes are a type of cosplay restaurant or cafe where the waitresses, who are called “maids,” dress up in French maid costumes and provide a variety of services to customers. A full explanation can be found at our, “What is a maid café” article.

No, sorry. We do not allow outside food or drinks to our café. The exception is Quickly’s Cafe food from next door.

Please contact us if you wish to host an event or party within our maid café. Please note that these is an additional fee to reserve space at our café.

Yes, but please follow our rulebook and general courtesy guidelines.

Typically no, but at times if a specific staff is available and there is a table that is open, we will try to accommodate requests. For a list of our Maid staff members, please check our members page.

Yes, we allow photos and videos inside our café. But please tag our social media accounts so we can repost! Please be mindful when recording others, and do not record or post inappropriate content or we will ask you to leave.

Our maid cafe does not take reservations and is first-come first-served. If you would like to check for the wait times, please give us a call at (626)600-0542.

Yes, we have a discord server, you can join it using this link: https://discord.gg/TFy93y33PG

Yes! We are always opened to hosting themed events by Anime and Gaming industry partners. Please check our collaboration page for more details.

We are based in the general Los Angeles, CA area. We host an event approximately once a month, at a local festival, cultural fair, or convention.

We also have a permanent maid cafe location in Arcadia, CA.

We don’t have a strict time limit, but if the maid café is busy, we may impose a time limit. We typically have extra space and tables for guests who wish to remain, but not necessarily want to enjoy tableside service. Typical seating time is one hour.

Arcane Maid Café was founded in 2016, and continues to host events to this day. We are currently working towards establishing a permanent café location somewhere in the United States. More about our maid café can be found in our about page.

We actually do have a permanent cafe now in the city of Arcadia, CA!

Our maid café does not have a door charge or fee to enter. We have maid café packages available for purchase, which typically includes a food, drink, and prize item for you to be seated. If you wish to order food or drinks to-go, we can take your order from our front counter. All tables and seats are reserved for maid café patrons only.

We pay a variety of artists through commission websites such as Pixiv and Facebook to find artists. We do not create any of the artwork ourselves besides modifying basic designs. If you are an artists and would like to find commission work for our maid cafe, please contact us with your portfolio and rates. 

Pillow Tufted Gray Background for Maid Cafe
Arcane Maid Cafe

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We are always looking for committed and professional staff to join our team!

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