Thank you for considering applying to Arcane Maid Café. We are a next generation touring café that hosts pop-up maid café events at festivals, fairs, and conventions.

Please do not apply if you do not understand general Maid Café culture or wish to join only to meet others/network, as we are not that type of maid café. Joining Arcane Maid Café is a serious endeavor that requires legal paperwork, training, orientation, customer service, content creation, production, and food service. We are not a casual or a "friends-run" maid café. If a casual maid café is something you are interested in, we encourage you to apply to a convention-based maid café or another local maid café first.

This application does not guarantee or imply any employment, internship, contracts, membership, acceptance, eligibility, sponsorships, or endorsements. Do not submit repeat applications. We do not follow up with submitted applications. Please do not inquire about the status of your application through email, chat, Discord, or any other web applications as we will not respond to them.

Our maid café typically has a long waiting list, and therefore, our response to your application may take months or years. If you wish to reapply after some time, please reapply after at least one year has elapsed.

Disclosure: We utilize semantic parsing tools and automated tools to consider applicants. By applying you agree to have an automated background check performed by Checkr API.

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Arcane Maid Café uniforms are provided to members or they can be purchased to keep.
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