Maid Cafe Rules

The rules in a maid cafe are in place to ensure that all customers have a safe and enjoyable experience. Maid cafes are unique establishments that offer a specific type of service, and as such, it is important to maintain a certain level of decorum and respect for both the maids and other customers. The rules help to set clear expectations for behavior and provide a framework for the smooth functioning of the cafe. By adhering to the rules, customers can ensure that they are not disrupting the maids’ work or infringing on the enjoyment of other customers. Additionally, rules such as dress codes and restrictions on photography help to protect the maids’ privacy and maintain the image and atmosphere of the cafe. Overall, the rules in a maid cafe are designed to promote a positive and respectful environment for everyone involved.

  1. Respect the maids: Treat the maids with respect at all times. They are there to provide a service, and they should not be subjected to any form of harassment, abuse, or inappropriate behavior.
  2. Follow the rules: Each maid cafe has its own set of rules and regulations that customers must follow. These may include restrictions on photography, physical contact with the maids, or behavior that disrupts other customers’ enjoyment of the cafe.
  3. Provide personal information: Maids are not allowed to provide their personal information, such as their phone number or social media accounts, to customers.
  4. Engage in physical contact: Maids will not engage in any physical contact beyond a friendly handshake or high-five with customers. Hugging, touching, or any other forms of physical contact are strictly prohibited.
  5. Perform inappropriate acts: Maids will not engage in any behavior that is inappropriate, sexual, or offensive. This includes inappropriate language or gestures.
  6. Serve alcohol: Maids are not allowed to serve alcohol.
  7. Leave the maid cafe: Maids are not allowed to leave the cafe with customers.
  8. Give preferential treatment: Maids are not allowed to give preferential treatment to any one customer or group of customers over others. All customers should be treated equally.
  9. Provide personal services: Maids are not allowed to provide personal services to customers, such as hair or makeup styling, outside of the designated services offered by the maid cafe.
  10. Keep it clean: Customers should be mindful of their trash by properly disposing their trash and keeping their table area clean.
  11. Dress appropriately: Please dress appropriately when visiting the maid cafe. 
  12. Menu Process: Our maid cafe often have a specific menu of food and drinks that customers can order. Make sure to follow the ordering process and pay attention to any special instructions provided by the maids.
  13. Be patient: Maid cafes can be busy, and the maids may be attending to other customers. Be patient and wait your turn, and avoid interrupting or disturbing the maids while they are working.
  14. Respect other customers: Be mindful of other customers in the cafe and avoid behavior that may disturb their enjoyment of the cafe.
  15. Be mindful of time: Most maid cafes have a time limit for each customer’s visit. Be aware of the time and be prepared to leave when your allotted time is up.
  16. Be polite: Use polite language and manners when interacting with the maids and other customers.
  17. Have fun: Lastly, enjoy your time at the maid cafe! The maids are there to provide a unique and enjoyable experience, so make the most of it while respecting the rules and everyone else in the cafe.