Professional Staffing for Events and Tradeshows

  • MC / Master of Ceremony
  • Stage Performance
  • Contest Hosting
  • Product Promotion
  • English/Japanese Fluency

Cosplay Character Promotions for the Anime Industry

  • Cosplay staffing with professional experience
  • Custom cosplay costume creation for the Anime and Video Game Industry
  • Photography opportunities for Fans and Spectators
  • Stage performances for Brand Recognition
  • Over 1,000,000 collective followers across 10 influencers 

Live Music, Sounds, and Lights Production

  • Live DJ performances from talented and influential DJ’s
  • Full production capabilities including staging, trussing, sounds, lights, and theatrics
  • Copyright free playlists and licensed music available

Full Maid Cafe Rebranding and Brand Promotion

  • Showcase your Anime, Video Game, or other pop-entertainment brand by rebranding our maid café into your intellectual property
  • Customized food and drink menu 
  • Full printing capabilities including promotional materials, standees, decorations and more
  • SNS promotions through our Social Media accounts and sub-accounts

Community Volunteering and Press Relations

  • Quarterly volunteering and local community support
  • Active volunteering for 501(c)3 Non-profit Organizations
  • Partnerships with local Anime and Manga Conventions and Communities
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An Attractive Marketing Campaign

Maid Cafes are becoming more popular every year. With over 200 maid cafe’s in Japan alone, and only a handful in the United States, the prospect of joint collaborations are greater now than ever. 

Arcane Maid Cafe event participation

Frequently Asked Questions

Arcane Maid Cafe is located at 171 E. Live Oak Ave Ste D, Arcadia, CA 91006

Our first event was hosted in 2016 in Pomona, CA. Our Maid Cafe store was officially soft-opened in March 2024.

Due to non-disclosures we cannot specifically name organizations and brands we have worked with. However, we have worked with the biggest and best Anime and Gaming brands in the world and continue to do so today.

  • English – Fluent (written/speaking)
  • UK English – Fluent (written/speaking)
  • Japanese – Fluent (written/speaking)
  • Chinese Mandarin – Fluent (written/speaking)
  • Taiwanese – Fluent (written/speaking)
  • South Korean – Fluent (written/speaking)

We typically have collaborations last from two weeks to up to a month. Please contact us for more details on your collaboration.

Our team requests at least 60-days in advance for large projects. Our team is expedient in planning and execution and can take projects with a 2-week timeframe is necessary.

We have hosted and participated in many events. Please check our about page for a full list of events.

Costs vary from project to project- please contact us for more information.

We can accommodate the following types of activations:

  1. Cosplay staff for SNS Social media promotions
  2. Cosplay staff for boothing, food boothing, and conventions
  3. Food boothing at events
  4. Flyer, pamphlet, and art promotions at our café
  5. Retail sales at our café
  6. Support staffing at events
  7. Custom full café activation
  • Food – The majority of our food supplies are imported from Japan, including our rice, curry, and toppings. 
  • Vegetables – Our vegetables are sourced locally in the United States.
  • Desserts – Our desserts are mainly imported from Europe. Our cakes are from Italy and the United States, while our pastries such as croissants are from France and Belgium.
  • Meats – Our meat products are from the United States.
  • Bubble Tea – Our bubble tea products are from Taiwan and the United States.
  • High Tea – Our tea selection comes from the Himalayas, China, and Japan.
  • Espresso – Our espresso beans are from Italy. Our milk products are from the United States.

Our state-of-the-art kitchen can provide most types of cuisines. Including custom entrees, drinks, appetizers, and desserts. Our highly trained staff can utilize baking, broiling, stovetop, deep-fry, shallow fry, and other standard kitchen techniques. 

  • Custom teas and coffee, custom toppings
  • Custom entrée plates for lunch and dinner
  • Custom printed edible materials
  • Up to 12 front-of-house staff
  • Up to 6 back-of-house staff
  • Up to 10 support staff