Our mission statement

Our mission is to create a welcoming and professional café to our guests and staff with an authentic maid cafe atmosphere.

Our goal is to build and invest in our equipment assets, experience, and capital until our dream of opening a café restaurant in Southern California becomes a reality.

The Arcane Maid Cafe Story

Over the Years



Arcane Maid Cafe debuts at Anime Impulse 2016 under the leadership of three friends.


First standalone event hosted

Arcane Maid Cafe hosts the first standalone, “Pokemon Go” themed cafe, resulting in a huge success. First major industry collaboration with Aniplex’s AkibaFest 2017.


The Arcane team hosts AniFest 2018

Seeking new events to host maid cafes, the Arcane theme organizes the anime festival, AniFest 2018, serving 1,733 attendees.


Arcane Maid Cafe enters cultural festivals 

Arcane management decide to transition outside of anime events, and entering general Asian cultural festivals such as OC Japan Fair and 626 Night Market.


Full website redevelopment and new staff roster

During the downtime of COVID-19, the Arcane staff pivots into digital upgrades and focuses on system repairs, maintenance, and updates.

We hope to see you at the maid cafe!