Arcane Maid Cafe

Our Mission

Arcane Maid Cafe aims to be the premier Maid Cafe in the United States. We are committed to achieving this by offering an exceptional and fun atmosphere, outstanding service, and delightful food and beverages to all our guests.

Our Values

At Arcane Maid Cafe, we uphold a stringent set of rules for both our staff and guests. We prioritize honesty, integrity, and professionalism to preserve the spirit and reputation of our Maid Cafe. These values guide our interactions with each other and with our guests, ensuring a welcoming and respectful environment for all.

Our Promise

We promise to be a long-term endeavor, for both our guests, our partners, and our friends. Our focus is on building long lasting memories, friendships, and business partnerships. We built our maid cafe in Arcadia, CA to preserve the memories, hard work, and to memorialize those who helped our maid cafe in our great journey. 

Maid Cafe Profile


Maid Arcane
Customer Support

Working hard for my Goshujin-sama everyday!

Staff Count (2024): 
Employee Count:
Time in Operation:
Name Origin:

United States of America
14 Members
6 Members
January 2016
Latin Arcānus

Cafe Color:
Cafe Flower:
Cafe Gemstone:
Cafe Animal:
Cafe Breed:
Cafe Anime:
Cafe Song:

Lilac Purple
Maid Sama
Pare Pare Parade

Building sqft:
Dining Area sqft: 
Total Seating: 
Maximum Occupancy: 
Platform size: 
Outdoor seating: 
Max Loadout: 
Mission Capability: 

2,422 sqft
810 sqft
8’x8′ (64 sqft)
10.4 Tons
5 Tons
Air, Land, Sea

Cafe Theme: 
Cafe Style:
Cafe Trope: 
Cafe Government: 
Cafe Economic Structure:
Cafe Structure: 
Cafe Enforcement Type: 

2D Anime
Corporate Enterprise
Meritocracy-based Seniority
Military Junta

Our History


The Beginning

Circa 2016-2017

What began as an idea turned into a concept. As one of the first Maid Cafe event pop-ups in the United States, Arcane Maid Cafe had the vision of creating a fun, entertaining atmosphere with video gaming, table-top games, and desserts.

Arcane Maid Cafe brought a unique experience with PC Gaming, Console Gaming, and other entertainment neverbefore seen at a Maid Cafe.

We started our journey at Anime Impulse 2016 and continued to host events there until 2019.

The name “Arcane” comes from the ancient word arcānus meaning secret, and is inspired by a type of magic possessed by the few.


The Great Journey

Circa 2017-2018

With great success stemming from our event pop-ups, Arcane Maid Cafe became a regular appearance at many festivals throughout California- including Aniplex’s AkibaFest in Little Tokyo, CA and OC Japan Fair in Costa Mesa, CA. Our mission to bring a glimpse of Akihabara Maid Cafe culture to the United States was realized. And our pursuit to bringing authentic and joyful experiences to the world was a continuing endeavor


The Grand Festival

Circa 2018-2020

With over a dozen successful events, Arcane Maid Cafe became a regular entertainment appearance at Anime Conventions, Anime Festivals and Food Festivals throughout the United States.

Now with the knowledge and experience to take our maid cafe further, the Maid Cafe team hosted it’s first Anime Festival in Torrance, CA – AniFest 2018 to an audience of 1883 people.

We continue to host this festival to this day to provide a guaranteed space for our Beloved Maid Cafe.



Circa 2019-2021

With the uncertainly caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, Arcane Maid Cafe postponed all events and diligently followed lockdown and safety rules. 

The team decided to use the time to pivot the maid cafe into greater heights by investing into science and technology to prepare them for the next decade.

It’s at this time Arcane Maid Cafe made her greatest discoveries in food technologies and in media production.


The Food Festival Adventures

Circa 2021-2024

Now with the knowledge and wisdom of years of event production and food service experience, Arcane Maid Cafe pushed towards food boothing at the biggest food festivals in the world including 626 Night Market and OC Japan Fair to contend with the world’s greatest food booths.

With time tested success and a consistent commitment to quality and excellent, Arcane Maid Cafe was reinvited time and time again to these events.


The Evil Dungeon Arc

Circa 2023

With the great success of food boothing at the world’s biggest food festivals, and even ranking in the top three food booths for sales volume, Arcane Maid Cafe was poised to find a suitable permanent home for guests to visit year around. 

A surprising invitation from an old friend and partner invited Arcane Maid Cafe staff to tour a neglected and derelict building that was available. 

What we would find would be a place that was abandoned and in need of great repair…


An Indominable Will

Circa 2023-2024

With the overwhelming dedication and passion of our Maid Cafe team, Arcane Maid Cafe decided to pursue the offer and begin preparations for demolition, cleanup, construction, and touchups. 

From the ground up, our maid cafe staff have worked with their own hands to create something magical and beautiful that will last the test of time.


The Final Fantasy

Circa 2023-2024

Achieving record breaking pace and in ground breaking speed, the maid cafe staff fully renovated the building in two months- restoring the building to a suitable condition that is acceptable to maid cafe standards. 

Our Maid Cafe staff prepared the concrete for floor planks, reupholstered the seats, repainted the tables, repaired the damaged walls, drew the 2D drawings on the wall by hand, repaired the ceiling, and built out the kitchen to a proper commercial standard.

Arcane Maid Cafe Logo

The Arcane Maid Cafe

Circa 2024 – Present

With the fantasy completed and the tasks drawing to a close, the maid staff finally rest and prepare for their original mission- inviting their guests and welcoming them home.