Maid Shoyun

Senpai Maid

Hello, I’m Shoyun, previously Shokoどん– you can also call me Yunyun! I love to sing, and hope I can brighten your day with a moe moe kyun worthy performance! Please let me know if you need anything, and I hope you have a lovely stay at the cafe ♡ On my time off from being a maid, I like to work on anime song covers and original music with friends. Some of the more popular works include Your Reality (an A Cappella cover), and collaborations with EDM/J-pop producer ayiko. If you would like some study or gaming music, please support our latest track, Candied Apple ( 🍬🍎

Maid Type

Archetype: Yandere
Zodiac: Cancer

Maid Shoyun Favorites

Favorite Anime:
Fruits Basket (2019)

Favorite Food:

Favorite Drink:
Oolong Tea

Favorite Dessert:
Cream puffs

Maid Details

Member since: 11-05-2023

Maid Rank: Senpai Maid

Maid Birthday: January

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