Arcane Maid Cafe is an Akibahabra-inspired American Maid Cafe event with a gaming twist!

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Tabletop Games & Puzzles!

Enjoy an endless collection of engaging and entertaining table-top games for you and your guests!

Free Gaming on our Console Systems!

Enjoy playing with your friends and our maids on our gaming consoles! We have tons of different titles for you to play and to show off your talents! Now with Xbox® Kinect!

Free Loot at Every Event!

Refuel at our Cafe, where we serve Treats, Energy Drinks, Desserts and More!

Free Sponsored Giveaways!

Trivia, games, and karaoke are all ways to gain plentiful bounty at the Arcane Cafe! We have many prizes ranging from plushies, gaming gear, and more!

Arcane Maid Cafe at AkibaFest 2016

Arcane Maid Cafe Pokemon GO Themed Maid Cafe!

Arcane Maid Cafe at Anime Impulse 2016

Friends who have visited the Arcane Maid Cafe

“Had a wonderful time jamming with Arcane Café last Saturday! It was super fun to bring the ‪#‎tuneintokyo‬ sound to the new maid cafe launched at ANIME IMPULSE.”

Gregory H.

Event Director | Tune in Tokyo Club

“My kokoro goes doki doki for Arcane Maid Café. ???”


Fashion Model | Staffer

“My time at Anime Impulse was ‘maid’ better when I won the hearthstone tournament. Thank you Arcane Café for hosting :D”

Nicolas Beltrame

Nick Nack Photography

“This maid cafe looks a lot more fun than the actual maid cafe I went to in Akiba”


Youtuber | Personality

“Thank you Arcane Maid Café for having me perform and for the pictures! I had so much fun!!!! ???”

Stephanie Yanez

Idol Performer | Singer

“Arcane Cafe is an awesome gaming cafe, and we have lots of fun activities planned for you guys!!!”

Suppisweets Cosplay

Arcane Cafe Head Maid | Cosplayer

“Wow, Arcane Maid Cafe you guys are really legit and run such a legit operation.”

Meghan "Snugzmeow"

Professional Cosplayer | Twitch Streamer

“Absolutely enjoyed my time yesterday. I have to know what kind of Lavender Earl Gray tea you used. It was fantastic.”

Timmy N.

Cafe Patron

“Had an amazing time with and at Arcane Maid Cafe. My fiance and i went there for Anime Impulse, They were super nice and fun, very friendly staff, food was… AmAzInG! Thanks again Arcane! hope to have tea time with you guys again!”

Vanessa V.

Cafe Patron

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