ETTV America’s Emma and Cherie visit Arcane Maid Café

ETTV America’s Emma and Cherie visit Arcane Maid Café

Come watch apprentice Maids Emma and Maid Cherie try out moe-moe culture at Arcane Maid Cafe this dramatic drama coverage! Maid Cafe culture has been very popular- originating from Akiba Japan, the maid café concept combines otaku culture with the homeliness of a café.

ETTV America takes you in an immersive experience where Maid Nagi, Maid Vivi, and Maid Kae show their new friends around and how to become moe-moe kawaii! Original transcript: A one-day apprenticeship at Southern California’s “Maidens’ Coffee Shop” reveals the secrets of maid skills! In recent years, influenced by the popularity of Japanese anime and manga, food reporters Emma and Cherie visit the newly opened “Maid Coffee Shop” in Southern California.

They try out becoming an apprentice maid and discover the unique charm of Japanese “moe culture.” Once you open the door, you will be greeted by a shop assistant dressed as a cute maid. In addition to the carefully dressed maids, the interior design uses black striped illustrations to create a 2D café flat feel.

In addition, there are also anime-related products to be seen everywhere, making you immerse yourself in the world of anime. Maid Cafes are considered the closest 2.5D experience to anime in the world. In this world, real life and two-dimensional elements blend together, creating something between virtual and fantasy. In order to make the guests more acquainted and to add background story, the maids were cats from the land of wonderland, and when they arrived in the real world, they became maids with cat ears.

The maids return to invite guests to wear cat ears, jump away from reality, and enjoy the unique world of 2.5 dimensions.

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